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Atlas House

...Observing the dining room, we are transported into the element of "water."

We find ourselves facing a dining space with a table resembling the shape of a seashell, resting on a rug reminiscent of the ever-changing forms of sand, adorned with brushstrokes conveying the movement and color of the sea. The accent wall is quite literally a dive into the ocean.

The color palette unfolds through neutral and warm tones such as beige, light brown, and gray. These colors, combined with touches of natural green, create a visually reassuring balance. 

In the living room and bedroom, we immerse ourselves in the element of "earth" through the use of wood, marble bases for the tables, neutral and light colors with hints of terracotta, all fortified by an eccentric rocky wall that profoundly connects us to the earth. This striking rocky wall in the living room serves as a commanding focal point, anchoring us to the raw and rugged beauty of nature.

The home office evokes the essence of the "fire" element, emanating warmth and vibrancy through a meticulous selection of colors. From the captivating glow of the bronze bookshelf to the flickering radiance of copper lamps, every detail evokes the mesmerizing allure of flames dancing in the hearth. The terracotta sofa, reminiscent of glowing embers, further enhances the fiery ambiance, creating a space that sparks creativity and passion.

Lastly, we arrive at the ethereal realm of "air," enfolding both the nook table and the family room in its gentle embrace. With the family room adorned in pristine white, we have sought to carve out a sanctuary that shall house the cherished memories of years to come.

Within the nook table's domain, the air element weaves an enchanting scenario, fostering the quintessential ambiance for leisurely luncheons: a time to reconnect with kin, to indulge in hearty conversations, savor delectable fare, and bask in the gentle caress of sunbeams permeating the ether. Here, amidst the whispers of time, we find solace in the simple joys of familial bonds, cocooned in the ethereal embrace of air's timeless presence.

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