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Casa Cortina

In this project, the focus was on enhancing the influx of natural light, transforming the living room into a radiant and inviting space.

The decision to add two large windows proved to be a winning choice.


Beyond improving the aesthetics, the presence of natural light contributes to overall well-being, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere without sacrificing the view of the stunning landscape.


Light has a profound influence on mood and livability.

Casa Cortina Interior Design Project
Casa Cortina Interior Design Project

The house originally featured an opening with a view from the upper floor into the living area, and the integration of an imposing custom-built library immediately struck us as a fitting compromise that would elevate the value of the space, creating a unique imprint of personality.


The use of natural rock in the interior walls adds a touch of grounded elegance, connecting you with the raw beauty of nature.

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