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Gallagher House

Explore a truly unique Interior Design project where the light filtering through a captivating concrete sculpture creates an incredible play of light during certain times of the day.


This sculptural piece with its plastic form harmoniously merges with the kitchen area, subtly connecting and delineating the living room from the kitchen space.


The luxurious and captivating design of the elevated living room fosters a sense of privacy while maintaining a visual and functional connection with the kitchen.


The expansive sculpture is meticulously crafted to allow light to filter through, creating fascinating shadow effects.

The suspended staircase creates a sleek effect, leaving everything open and filled only with light.


Its modern design, characterized by clean lines, seamlessly intertwines with the use of wood, which imbues the entire space with warmth and comfort.


This minimalist approach enhances the overall aesthetic, inviting a sense of tranquility and sophistication into the environment.

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