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Kearse House

We are delighted to present our interior design project for Jayron Kearse, esteemed NFL football player. This project embodies a modern and refined style that reflects our client's dynamic and sophisticated personality. We have curated every detail to create a space that not only meets client's needs but also expresses an elegant and contemporary aesthetic.

One of the fundamental principles of modern design is the use of open spaces. From the entrance, you immediately get a grand view of the living room and dining room. The absence of unnecessary barriers promotes a natural flow between the main rooms, facilitating socialization and making the space ideal for entertaining guests.

The design features a modern contemporary style characterized by clean lines and a bright atmosphere. The expansive windows, bringing abundant natural light into the environment, provided us the opportunity to utilize a predominantly black and white palette, adding a sophisticated touch to the home.  Modern artworks enliven the space, introducing vibrant splashes of color throughout.

We have selected furnishings from renowned Italian brands known for their quality and innovative design. Each piece has been carefully chosen to ensure both functionality and aesthetic beauty.

The interior design project for Jayron Kearse represents a perfect balance of functionality and sophistication. Every element has been meticulously selected to create a space that meets the expectations of a professional athlete, while also providing a welcoming and relaxing environment for the family.

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