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Marble House

When we first met our client Flynn, the first word he uttered to describe his taste in interior design was "marble."


We worked together to understand his needs and habits. Flynn required an open, comfortable, and impactful space.


We created a design for him that reflected his personal taste, and the desire to have everything made of marble was a stimulating challenge for us.

Marble House Interior Design Project
Marble House Interior Design Project

In the kitchen island, we integrated a marble table, creating a unique and significant shape that harmonizes with the kitchen and living room environment, where imposing panels echo the same marble cut.

The floor was carefully chosen to create a point of contrast and eccentricity in the space.


The large archway leading to the living room was intentionally designed with an organic and rounded shape to accommodate wallpaper that immediately catches the eye, culminating in an unusual manner with a custom-made, asymmetrically backlit bookcase for a striking effect.

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