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Manhattan House

Utilizing this “hybrid” office, Saman gains a city view and observes its movement,

immersing herself in the bustling metropolis while also enjoying the tranquility and order,

as if it were an apartment, necessary to focus on one question:

"What does a NYC woman need?"

Spending her days in her personal office, Saman required a minimal kitchen that wouldn't overwhelm the space and cabinets that could maintain order while showcasing her creations.

Explore our interior project in Manhattan, NYC: a loft that redefines open space! In the bustling urban landscape of Manhattan, every square foot is precious.


That's why we've optimized every corner, crafting an environment that is both expansive and inviting, with an interior design that seamlessly blends comfort and style.


Each corner transforms into a work of art and functionality, thanks to innovative solutions and contemporary materials.

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